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Sacred And The Profane, The

An Investigation Of Hipsters

The Sacred and the Profane examines the hipster and the current cultural impasse by going beyond "going-against-the-grain."

Sacred Art - A Hollow Bone for Spirit

Where Art Meets Shamanism

A plea for healing the divisions within the world of art and restoring Sacred Art to its rightful place in our collective awareness.

Sacred Paths

A Journey Through the Big Questions

There is an exquisite diversity and beauty that can be found in the ‘Sacred Paths’ people choose to walk. This is a book that explores those paths.

Sacred Storm, A

Part III of The Reiki Man Trilogy

Two Religions. Two Messiahs. One Truth.

Safe Planet

Renewable Energy plus Workers' Power

A roadmap towards a safe planet.

Sammy & Me

The Second Book in the Dani Moore Trilogy

The second book in the Dani Moore Trilogy, Sammy & Me sees Dani, a teenage survivor embark upon the next phase of her roller-coaster life.

San Piper, The

Encounters with an Otherworldly Bushman

Sanskrit for Seekers

For travelers in the foreign land of spiritual literature.


The Go-for-it Girl's Guide to becoming mistress of your destiny

The Go-for-it Girl's Guide to Becoming Mistress of Your Destiny

Saturday Night Believer

Stories of music ministry from the front line

tells what happens when an evangelical Christian band sings Gospel in the pubs and clubs of Northern England. 

Save Send Delete

Save Send Delete is the memoir of a debate and a love affair between a famous atheist author and an obscure Catholic professor.

Sawdust on His Shirt

Rediscovering Jesus

Religion was not Jesus' idea. He preferred to rescue prostitutes and show us how to change the world.


Book 1 of the Saxon Chronicles

A multifaceted tale with red herrings and blind alleys that will leave the reader wishing there were more pages to turn after they're through...and there will be.

Scarlet Cord, The

Conversations With God's Chosen Women

Voiceless wax figures no longer, twelve biblical women, outspoken, independent, faithful, selfless, risk-takers, come to life in The Scarlet Cord.

Scholarship Game, The

A no-fluff guide to making college affordable

A lean guide to getting in and making attending affordable.

Schoolboy's Wartime Letters, A

An evacuee's life in WWII — a personal memoir

A boy writes home during WWII, revealing his own fascinating story, full of zest for life, information and humour.

Science Fiction - The Evolutionary Mythology of the Future

Volume One, Prometheus to the Martians

A transformative exploration of the development of science fiction as a central driving force of humanity’s evolution.

Science Myth, The

God, society, the self and what we will never know.

The scientific method is often assumed to provide particularly secure knowledge...but, how can we be sure?

Science of Family, The

Working with Ancestral Patterns

The Science of Family by Nikki Mackay explores ancestral patterns, which manifest themselves down the generations, using energy healing, tarot archetypes and family constellations.

Scorpio Moons

A secret passage into the hearts, minds and deeds of driven women determined to fulfil their destinies, at any cost.

Scratching the Surface : Posties, Privatisation and Strikes in the Royal Mail

The story of those in the frontline of change in the Royal Mail.

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