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How to Read a History Book

The Hidden History of History

How to Read a History Book explains who writes history books, how the writers are trained, and why they write them.

Is Intelligence an Algorithm?

Discover Nature’s algorithm of Intelligence to learn problem-solving from intuition to artificial intelligence.

Home of the Brave

A small town, its veterans and the community they built together

A small town struggling with how to remain vital and vibrant in the 21st century, took on another problem altogether: the difficulty of homecoming for Iraq, Afghanistan and other war veterans.

Psy-Complex in Question

Critical Review in Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Social Theory

Tracing a series of key debates in and against the psy-complex.

Time and The Rose Garden

Encountering the Magical in the life and works of J.B. Priestley

Anthony Peake re-assesses the plays and novels of J.B. Priestley.

Wisdom from the Christian Mystics

How to Pray the Christian Way

A unique blend of Biblical Spirituality and Mystical Theology told with refreshing simplicity and riveting narrative.

Primal Awareness

Reconnecting with the Spirits of Nature

A short history of mankind's separation from nature and the world of spirit.

Amoeba-Ox Continuum, The

An investigation is opened into a series of deaths in an old workers' utopia...

Neglected or Misunderstood: Introducing Theodor Adorno

An introductory approach that evaluates Theodor Adorno's work in its own terms and within those of present-day critical theory.

That They Might Lovely Be

In the turbulent aftermath of the First World War, one woman embodies love as mother, bride, virgin, to a young man of uncertain parentage.

Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots

The Life of King Henry VIII’s Sister

The troubled life of King Henry VIII's older sister, Margaret, Queen of Scots, during the tumultuous early years of the 16th Century.


A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk

A Modern Guide to the Celtic Otherworld and its inhabitants.

Sing Out for Justice

The Poetry and Passion of the Hebrew Prophets

An invitation to read the prophets, feel their passion, and be surprised by their relevance.

Some Assembly Required

Jake hears voices, his own, the world's, and Rex, an A.I. experiment gone feral. A plot ride ensues through science, fractals, art and power...

Heart of Oneness

a little book of connection

There is no such thing as "the other".

Los Indignados: Tides of Social Insertion in Spain

A movement that is transforming Spanish politics and society, heralding an end to the Transition since Franco, and responding to multiple legitimation crises in Spain and in Europe.

Revolutionary Keywords for a New Left

Fifty revolutionary keywords for a new left.

Ghosts of Blackbottle Rock, The

Revenge from beyond the grave...

Authority of Service and Love, The

A Recovery of Meaning

What is authority, and is it in crisis?

Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair

Change the world with this heart warming, inspirational and practical guide to seated philanthropy.

Serf's Journal, A

The Story of the United States' Longest Wildcat Strike

The Story of the United States' Longest Wildcat Strike.

Alkoryn Chronicles, The

Part II Land of Eternal Stars

After his village is decimated, Ugoki must find his own way in the desolate realm of Stygia, a land where the sun never rises...

Front Page Murder

A Crampton of the Chronicle mystery

Comic postcard artist Archie Flowerdew is sentenced to hang…and it's no laughing matter.

In the Land of Dreams

A tale of ancestral secrets and the merging of past and present in modern-day Manhattan.

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