Forthcoming Titles

Reiki Insights

A meditative journey into the inner depths of the system of Reiki.

The Master, The Raven, and The Ageless Teapot

And All Because of The Letter.

Sacred Love in the Sacred Isles.

Healing with Information

The new homeopathy

A fundamental, almost encyclopedic reference for anyone who is seriously interested in new developments in the art and science of healing.

Book of Sin, The

How to save the world - a practical guide

Renegade Gonzo therapist offers some suggestions as to how we can help change the world for the better in this time of turmoil and uncertainty.

Creator and Creators

Co-creation with Nature - A Synthesis of Spiritual Philosophy and Science

A way to become a Co-Creator with Nature by working with Time, Light, and Thought.

Pac-Man Principle, The

A User's Guide to Capitalism

A blast from the past; direction to the future? Pac-Man is our guide through the maze of contemporary capitalism.

Soccer Thinking for Management Success

Lessons for organizations from the world's game

Business success used to look like football. Now it looks like soccer.

Being a Supervisor 1.0

A Handbook for the New, Aspiring, and Experienced Supervisor

A combination of 45 years of education, experience, and wisdom, this will be the preferred handbook for supervisors.

Kitchen Witchcraft: Spells & Charms

The first in a new series of books which delves into the world of the Kitchen Witch.

Ariadne's Thread and The Myth of Happily Ever After

A truth-full account for women navigating timeless and enduring challenges

How to take action on your own behalf - an ancient map for women today.

New Paradigm Psychology

Embracing the New - Putting the Heart into Counseling and Psychology Practice

Become an incredibly effective agent of therapeutic and transformational change for your clients, eliminate burnout, and help facilitate outstanding clinical results.

Western Philosophy Made Easy

A Personal Search for Meaning

What can Western Philosophy tell us about purpose and meaning in our lives?

Christian Middle Way, The

The case against Christian belief but for Christian faith

A comprehensive vision of how Christianity can lose its dogma without losing its meaning.

Quaker Roots and Branches

Quaker witness in the world today, its rationale, and how it derives from the insights of earlier Quaker generations.

Psychedelic Christianity

On the ultimate goal of living

Psychedelic experience and Christianity are guiding stars to the ultimate goal of living.

Hidden Worlds, The

Four seventh graders solve a threatening environmental issue with the help of their power animals.

Entangled Lives

An unlikely relationship between a Pakistani boy who becomes a Taliban solider, and a female journalist covering the civil war in Afghanistan.

When Journalism was a Thing

Journalism used to be everything until the day it became nothing. What happened and why?

Ghost Boy

A teenage boy must confront his unusual gift for seeing people that no one else can see...

Occupation of Joe, The

Tokyo, 1945. As post-war pressures mount, an American officer becomes entangled in the lives of a Japanese boy, his infant sister and his beautiful mother.

Feral Chickens

A Hawaiian Comedy

When fowl turn foul!

Cold Fire

Shakespeare's Moon, Act II

A group of teenagers who become involved in the tale of Romeo and Juliet in this contemporary re-telling of the classic story.

Living Beyond Lyme

Reclaim Your Life From Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness

Learn to live a rich, vital, and meaningful life despite Lyme disease or chronic illness.

Anthropology of Nothing in Particular, An

A journey into the social lives of meaninglessness.

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