• Creator and Creators
    Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen
    Creator and Creators:Co-creation with Nature: Synthesis of spiritual philosophy and science, by Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen This deeply researched and scholarly book, beautifully and succinctly written, is exactly what it states on the title page, being a synthesis of Spiritual Philosophy and modern science. The authors write with great clarity, but non-scientific readers will find themselves looking into dictionaries for the meanings of some scientific terms. The authors do, however, make everything clear and accessible, having studied science and both ancient and modern religious ideas and philosophies.
    This is a delightful, if demanding, book to read: indeed multiple readings may well be found necessary, but will remain enjoyable and instructive.
    A guide is given to personal and global understanding and peace, if the reader will but
    read carefully; and those already holding open-minded religious or spiritual views will find them underlined, as the authors have studied widely in both religious and spiritual matters and modern science. This is a readable, believable, synthesis of religious and spiritual philosophies with science. A tour de force, which ends with a challenge to all thinking people everywhere: TRY!
    ~ Sylvia Charlewood, TRIUNE OF LIGHT newsletter, spring 2018

  • Psychedelic Christianity
    Jack Call
    While remaining in the Word, author Jack Call lifts the reader into a highly insightful expansion of the Word. Psychedelic Christianity may be a book ahead of its time! This is a read that has a Divine lure which includes and transcends the tradition; a bold view of the Kingdom of God. ~ James F. Skalicky, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, Professor of Psychology, Citrus College (ret.)

  • Marx Returns
    Jason Barker
    ... an imaginative, uplifting, and sometimes disturbing alternative history. ~ Nina Power, Los Angeles Review of Books

  • Being a Supervisor 1.0
    Joseph F Duffy, LLD
    I strongly recommend Being a Supervisor 1.0 by Joseph F Duffy to all those who are interested in honing their supervisory skills. It is easy to read with lots of examples of supervisory skills that the author has gained through practical experiences from a life time of having been in various executive roles. I know the author personally as a colleague and have seen him in action.
    Congratulations! I am looking forward to reading 2.0. ~ Thomas Verghese, Goodreads

  • Being a Supervisor 1.0
    Joseph F Duffy, LLD
    Being a Supervisor 1.0 by Joseph F. Duffy is a book worth more than just reading. It is worth keeping. Mr. Duffy has written a book that can be referred to when formulating and implementing everyday business decisions. In developing plans, Being a Supervisor 1.0, enables fledgling or seasoned supervisors to draw insights and join them together with their own to maximize outcomes. Chapters within the book can be utilized on an as need basis. However, the overall information contained can be drawn on throughout your career. Joe Duffy, a successful supervisor to many, has shared his keen insights with us in an understandable and professional manner ~ Robert E. Bozzomo, Goodreads

  • Alaskan Chronicles, The
    John Hunt
    In The Alaskan Chronicles, Book 1, The Provider elderly Jim Richards takes us back to his teen years in Anchorage where sun flares devastate America and beyond. A shy gamer, his tale exposes us to the cruelty and surprises of the elements given modern lethargy, crime, and fundamentalism as he moves through the seasons of life with a makeshift family.

    Neighbor Bob drives the narrative with grit as the story erupts. He is just off the grid enough to keep the community a few steps ahead. Unlikely talents emerge from the group as needed including a bit of romance. The hunting scenes describing the landscape and wildlife in the countryside are particularly vivid. We can imagine the cabin fever induced during the coldest months of pioneer-like living and gain appreciation for the native people.

    A quick read, especially from Part 2, young readers will revel in the boyscout hero's encounters in wild Alaska. There's a bit of gratuitous sex, and profanity, and a lot of luck built in, but the apocalyptique story flows and challenges teen Jim. With an epilogue, the elderly narrator draws us into Book 2 reminding us that things will never be the same. ~ Emmy Slatni, Waterstones YA

  • Alaskan Chronicles, The
    John Hunt
    The Alaskan Chronicles is an epic tale on one family’s struggle to survive in an unforgiving and unremitting landscape. This story instantly pulled me in and took me right into the wilderness. It dragged me into confrontations with wild animals and also with the seasons that were breathtaking in their realisation. The true to life writing style brings the story to life in sparkling detail and brings this epic, wild and dangerous landscape into sharp relief. It is in that accurate and beautifully descriptive detail that the strength of the storytelling shows. Vivid descriptions of a world, then a society falling apart, with all the problems that brings. Then swiftly followed by the breakdown of that society and all the flaws in human nature that brings out. When stripped of our constructs of civilisation, we must get back to nature, or die, and on her terms.
    A wonderful triumph of a story, epic and detailed, harsh and yet human, a tour-de-force of creative writing. I am really looking forward to the next instalment of Jim's adventure.
    ~ Stephen Oakes, Author

  • Being a Supervisor 1.0
    Joseph F Duffy, LLD
    Having managed many people in several not-for-profit agencies for over 35 years, I was very impressed with Joseph F. Duffy's "Being a Supervisor 1.0". This book would serve as a very valuable management tool not only to novice supervisors, but to more seasoned supervisors as well. Mr. Duffy artfully combines his mature wisdom, light humor and insightful anecdotes with clear, concise practical guidelines to result in a superb tool for effective management at all levels. I highly recommend this book to all managers! ~ Gail Gordon, Goodreads

  • Strip
    Catlyn Ladd
    How Catlyn delivers this book is brilliant. Her voice is distinctive and makes this book, even in uncomfortable situations, such an easy and incredible read from the start.. How she talks about the people she works with and meets, challenges what you anticipate might be the situation and challenges the stereotypes that are perpetuated by media on who these women are and the men who visit them.

    The frankness of the writing and the delivery of this book is incredible and it makes me want to read so much more of her work, Ladd’s way with words shines in this short but honest book.

    ~ Victoria Casswell, Books, Lots Of Books, Plenty Of Books, Books Everywhere!

  • Road to Power, The
    Barbara Berger
    I really enjoyed this book. It is a good look at how to attain personal power within. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to reclaim their power. ~ Rose Frum, NetGalley

  • Healing Plants of the Celtic Druids
    Angela Paine
    Praise for Healing Power of Celtic Plants: 'Fascinating...What makes this book so unusual, is that it does not just dwell in the past. A former researcher into the chemistry of medicinal plants, Paine turns her academic eye to more recent pharmaceutical history, which makes most enlightening reading.' ~ Sunday Telegraph

  • Beat the Rain
    Nigel Jay Cooper
    I was invested in these characters from the very beginning; the pacing was good and dialogue well written. You are really able to put yourself in the shoes of Louise, Tom, and Adam straight from the opening pages. What follows is an emotional rollercoaster as you follow what seems to be quite ordinary life. About halfway through the book I realised this psychological thriller was not all that it seemed, and by the time certain truths are revealed I knew that this was a book unlike any I've read for quite a long time. I think what makes this story so compelling is how skillfully the author has realised his protagonists. The problems they face are problems that many of us face, every single day. Whilst their responses are sometimes fantastical, for the most part I could feel a terrible lot of empathy for each one. Adam, who has lost someone close to him, struggling with self-identity and self-medicating substance abuse. Louise, dealing with a tricky childhood and her own loss plus the restlessness that can come from long term established relationships and motherhood. Even the secondary characters here are fun because who of us doesn't have an awful Imogen hanging around? I would recommend this book highly and look forward to seeing more of the author's work in future. ~ CC, Goodreads Review

  • Pagan Portals - Nature Mystics
    Rebecca Beattie
    This book offers a great introduction to our literary history as pagans...These authors have a deep connection to the natural world around us and the magic within it. Their words allow me to become closer to my own spirituality and inspire me to continue to develop it. Reading their works, which echo those felt in my own soul, puts words to me experiences and beliefs. Treat yourself and expose yourself to theses fascinating individuals in our collective pagan history by reading this book. ~ Amanda Lonsdorf, Witches and Pagans

  • Fairies
    Morgan Daimler
    An excellent collection of fairy lore for anyone who loves the fair folk and the stories surrounding them. Highly recommend for those who want to learn more and those who love the fae. ~ Liliyana Shadowlyn, The Faerie Review

  • Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools
    Peter Strother
    For centuries people of wisdom have realised that there is more to life than simply accumulating material possessions, but there is something within most (all?) of us which ignores this, and gets caught up in materialism even as we deplore it.
    Peter Strother has given us a timely reminder of the value - even the necessity - of recognising our spiritual nature, and of nourishing it. He has found an original voice and a fresh approach to ancient truths. We would all benefit from heeding Peter`s encouragement to return to a more spirit-centred life, and our society would also be immeasurably enriched. ~ Big Jim, Amazon

  • Primal Awareness
    Rob Wildwood
    5/5 Stars An unapologetic look at history and the oppression that civilizations spread as they grew, and how those things still resonate and harm us today. We must live in harmony with not only nature but each other if we are to stop harming ourselves. ~ Liliyana Shadowlyn, NetGalley

  • Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools
    Peter Strother
    This is a challenging book for our times which poses questions which we often leave unasked but niggle at our subconscious. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in exploring an alternative path to that which we often feel trapped. ~ Wallie, Amazon

  • Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools
    Peter Strother
    Peter Strother has written an ambitious, original and utterly honest book of real power that could not be more timely. Rich with humanity and colour, particularly within its parables, it will resonate within the hearts of its readers with regards to the predicament so many of us find ourselves in today. Confronting head on the economic mindset that increasingly prevails throughout society, Peter pours light into the spirituality and humanity at the heart of us that alone offer genuine liberation and hope in the days ahead. ~ Howard Edge, Amazon

  • Future Consciousness
    Thomas Lombardo
    I would recommend Future Consciousness be included in university and college Futures Studies curricula. Full review here: ~ Alireza Hejazi, a member of APF. He is the CEO and founder of A. Hejazi & Associates, which works with higher education institutes.

  • Christian Middle Way, The
    Robert M. Ellis
    ‘The Christian Middle Way’ deploys three main tools: the notion of brain lateralisation, a clear distinction between ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ and, coupled with that, a distinction between ‘absolute’ and ‘provisional’. These tools are used to re-describe the history of Christian doctrine not only in some fine detail, but also providing illustrations of the re-description of possible Christian practice. These tasks are effected in considerable detail.
    Hardly a page is turned that does not provide an occasion for some questioning, or for some ‘internal conversation’ with the writer. Perhaps here lies its value: it is written, largely, in a manner congruent with its claims: it is not an attempt to declare ultimate truths, but is rather the story of part of a life accompanied by rich reflections, giving rise to provisional conclusions as how one might think, and speak, about one’s actions. If one was looking for a thoroughgoing intellectual work-out for one's current faith and practice as understood in the context of one's actual experience over the years, then this might be the place to do it.
    David Lambourn, former clergyman and now member of the ‘Sea of Faith’ network
    ~ David Lambourn, correspondence

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