• Ecology of the Soul, The
    Aidan Walker
    Based on experiences from the author's personal journey through self-transformation, this is an easy to follow guide for anyone who feels ready to make profound shifts in mental habits and spiritual processes. It draws strongly on thing that have influenced the author, especially yoga and the Brahma Kumaris tradition. It is organised on a clear framework to appeal to those who respond well to having a plan to follow. Seven powers are identified: Nature, Creativity, Endurance, Love, Communication, Focus and Connection. Each has its own chapter, broken down into specific topics for study and meditation. A great book to dip into when you need to just focus on a single thought such as optimism or sharing. ~ Cyngus Review, Spring 2017, Issue 1

  • Colour Psychology Today
    June McLeod
    June McLeod is a color consultant, color-trends forecaster, intuitive, motivational trainer and author. With an esteemed color career spanning more than thirty years, June's dynamic and innovative work with color is legendary. In "Colour Psychology Today" she draws upon her more than thirty years of research, experience and expertise to reveal new color psychology information. "Colour Psychology Today" discloses unique knowledge on how color psychology impacts on the business world and the individual. This is a 'must read' for dedicated color enthusiasts, branding experts, marketeers, advertising executives, graphic designers, and anyone who would like to expand and develop the application of color in their lives and work. While very highly recommended, especially for community and academic library Contemporary Psychology collections, it should be noted for the personal reading lists of students and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject that "Colour Psychology Today" is also available in a Kindle format. ~ Midwest Book Review

  • Possibility Exists ... , The
    Eoin Scolard

    Entertaining Possibilities

    Eoin Scolard’s new book, The Possibility Exists, is about one man’s search for freedom. This quest is something to which we can all relate. After several life changing experiences, Eoin began asking himself some serious questions about the way he was living his life. The book is his answer to those questions. His answers are illuminating for us all. ~ Paul Congdon, Positive Life Magazine Ireland

  • Possibility Exists ... , The
    Eoin Scolard

    EOIN Scolard reckons we are all like onions. Not a bad thing: onions are good for you and tobacco onions delicious and, as Eoin says, they have many layers.

    We have to peel away to get to the heart of living and Eoin gives us great advice and guidance on how to do this. Negative thoughts are always out there and they want to dominate. If you allow them room they'll surely take up residence and become hardwired into your everyday thinking. Eoin has a way of coping and he charts his tried and tested theories in his book The Possibility Exists… One Man's Search For Freedom.

    He confronts these thoughts by visualisation: “I sit down for a minute take a few deep breaths and sense into the lower half of my body. Then I say to myself – I am like an oak tree.”

    Now he paints a picture in his mind based on the tree; in a field, maybe a forest, sun shining and it's warm. Then he takes his particular problem and gives it a name of a cartoon character. “Let's try Mickey Mouse.” So he writes the offending words on Mickey's T-shirt – ‘I'm not good enough', for instance. Basically your problem is transferred to an external source, you acknowledge the problem, you tell it – “I see you, I know you want my attention but sorry, not today.” Then you go back to concentrate on the oak tree, sense the depth of the earth, the warmth of the sun, the openness of the sky and the vastness of the universe.

    As he concentrates on this he notices that Mickey Mouse is getting uncomfortable. He's getting less and less attention, he's getting more and more annoyed.

    “Putting your focus elsewhere starves the thought of its life energy.” Poor Mickey, you see him and the problem loosing their energy. The unwanted thought gets lighter and lighter and eventually floats up and away.

    There's much more to this way of approaching life but basically it's a case of taking your negative attitudes and experiences by the scruff of the neck and forbidding them to take root.

    Eoin also talks about ‘non-specific unhappiness' – not depression but life getting you down. When he was suffering stress he wasn't prepared to take the doctor's antidepressants; instead he went on a quest to get an answer and ended up in Dublin with a fully qualified doctor who is also a homeopath. They talked, and talked. She was honestly interested in him and he responded.

    “An hour and twenty minutes later I left this wonderful woman feeling much lighter in myself.” He shares what he learned and it's valuable information.

    The author, who lives in Co Down with his partner Jenny Grainger, also discusses life as it is today putting forward the thesis that the world we live in doesn't want us to be free to make our own decisions.

    “It doesn't want empowered people who refuse to be victims. It actually needs you to be a slave to the consumer culture... this fear has spawned greed, anxiety, defensiveness and control. This paradigm needs to crack and crumble and be rebuilt. How? One person at a time.”

    Just think back to the fear we felt over the Millennium Bug, mad cow disease, salt, now sugar, and the rest – these negatives just keep coming, like Big Brother in Orwell's 1984, trying to manipulate and suppress the masses.

    Eoin has had plenty of negatives to deal with: a bad crash resulting in a near-death experience, relationship problems, single parenthood and success and failure in the world of work. No wonder he had a stress-related breakdown. But all these only made him determined to rebuild and share his experiences, often in a comical way, always in a compulsive way.

    His take on ‘fear' being your friend is also fascinating. Turning fear into energy by making a commitment to do something psychologically or emotionally frightening once a week until your courage muscle gets strong and your self-esteem grows. Start with something small you've been avoiding like making a phone call you've been putting off and building up from there.

    Be prepared to be challenged by this book; be prepared to fill in the little exams he sets and keep The Possibility Exists... as a manual to a better life.

    :: The Possibility Exists... One Man's Search For Freedom is published by O Books, available on Amazon, Kindle and in bookshops. ~ Anne Hailes, Irish News

  • More
    Mariah McKenzie
    This is a fascinating tale of one couple's journey to a deeper spiritual experience through intimacy. This is a great book for "believers" and skeptics alike. For those familiar with the subject matter, the heartfelt, personal nature of the narrative gives it a fresh, autobiographical immediacy. Skeptics will be interested to learn how widespread the concept is. Far from being a modern invention of "the New Age," the idea of connecting to the Sacred through the "profane" experience of human sexuality is extremely common. The author guides readers through many of these traditions in detail, all in a relatable, first-person tale that is beautifully, unapologetically personal. I highly recommend it!
    ~ Señor Khoi, amzon

  • Diving for Pearls
    Maggie Kay
    Anyone searching for love will find this book delicious and comforting. Plump up your cushions.
    This is one to curl up with and hits the spot like a hot chocolate with swirly cream.

    "Diving for Pearls" really is the ultimate guide to finding love. Maggie should know because she's
    had to work it out for herself and it's been an incredible journey, a very wise woman indeed. Make
    no mistake, this book is not just for those looking for love. It also serves as an inspirational and
    helpful guide for absolutely everyone. Filled with every kind of spiritual seeking and leaps of faith,
    Maggie takes us on a winding road of self discovery and inner wisdom.

    Most of us have experienced emotional damage at some time in our lives. It can be depressing
    and depleting, especially if what we're seeking is recognition in love. Love not only from others but
    more importantly, love for ourselves. It's refreshing to learn through Maggie's inspirational teaching
    that with the expert guidance she offers us, finding love is more possible than we can imagine. We
    just need to know how to manage and realise it. She encourages us to dive deep and find our
    pearls. The first step is the only one we need, our willingness to take that chance, and the rest will

    In this gem of a book, we dunk our biscuit into a blissful pool of rediscovery, one of warmth,
    understanding, hearts and healing. It leaves us feeling calm and rejuvenated, happy in anticipation
    of our future. Suddenly we believe it really is possible to find that deeper love opening up another
    door, one of acknowledgement, strength and relief. It also helps us to understand others and how
    we can enrich our relationships generally.

    Being a great believer in saying "yes" to life and all the love it has to give, I found this book honest
    and refreshing. I am constantly amazed at the strength of people all around me who perform their
    lives on a stage where a lot of us only choose to see what is immediately visible in front of ones
    eyes instead of what actually lives behind them. In this book, Maggie has chosen to share what
    lives behind her own eyes so that we may all find the courage to move forward and progress in
    troubled times.

    I was given this book as a gift and I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to improve
    their lives and what wise woman wouldn't want to do that?

    In short, it's a great read.
    Totally satisfying and delicious.
    Time to dive in everyone. ~ Patti Savage, Psychic Link Magazine

  • More
    Mariah McKenzie
    What a beautifully written and told adventure of coming into ones power and a deeper understanding of life's unfolding.
    The spiritual path Mariah takes us on is filled with transparency, passion, courage and authenticity. It is bold and daring facing the many challenges that are filled with opportunities of enormous potential...this is how growth happens....the only way to get this intimacy we all seek, want and need is via this honest forthright looking within and without.
    So it seems the sacred becomes profane and the profane becomes is all one thing?....
    This is a deep revealing read worthy of our attention and time. ~ Linda Wylie, Amazon

  • More
    Mariah McKenzie
    Mariah has a gift for sharing her deeply personal journey wthout disguise or withholding. She permits her reader entry into the power and mystery of a deep ancient wisdom that crosses the threshold of the conventional. By exploring her sexuality and its relationship to the Devine, she takes her reader through ritual, morality and the art of finding mystical union. ~ Ingrid Hoffmeister, Amazon

  • Morning Muse, The
    Octavia Williams
    I enjoyed this short read about finding peace within and how to obtain inner peace. I found the personal experiences and visions to be aspiring and inspirational. The short quotes and notes truly are heart lifting and imaginable strength can be taken from these only id the reader really knows, understands and is ready to be in the present with the Truth. ~ Jann Bowers, Jann Bowers - Poet and Author of Echoic

  • Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing, The
    Jules Standish
    "The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing" by Jules Standish is a helpful style guide that talks mostly about colors that should or should not be worn by different types. The author is an image consultant in the U.K. There are a few case studies from sessions with some of her clients. I think the promise in the sub-title, "Choose Your Colours, Control Your Life!" delivers. I like the breakdown she does of each color which includes: Background, Benefits of Wearing, When Not to Wear, What Colors to Wear With, Different Shades, and Case Study. I found the sections on how neutral tones bring balance to colors of interest.

    "In short, everyone needs lots of light and colour. As well as seeing colours through your eyes, you also absorb colours through your skin and your own personal aura (the energy field that surrounds every living being). Certain colours you choose to wear can make you radiate with health and well-being, and give you the WOW factor, by putting the life back into fading looks, lifting your spirits and physically balancing hormones whilst boosting your emotions."

    Most of the author's suggestions for my coloring, "darker skinned with African, . . . tones," were already in place. I didn't do the color draping tests. I basically go with what I like, stick with a warm palette, and pay attention to what gets the most complements. But this is a good "go to" when you need fresh ideas. I'm gonna buy it when it becomes available in the US.

    This review is of a complimentary digital copy from the publisher provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Quoted excerpts may have been edited prior to release. ~ Donna Haines, GoodReads/NetGalley

  • Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing, The
    Jules Standish
    4/5 Stars
    This is a great book for anyone who wants to improve their way of life by using colours! Standish explains how to tell what 'season' you are and how to dress appropriately. She also gives excellent advice about choosing the right colours to wear for different occasions or just to improve your mood. For example, blue is soothing and red can give one energy. She also tells readers how to match colours.

    I will definitely buy it! ~ Lisa Sanderson, Book Addiction

  • Meditations on Self-Discipline and Failure
    William Ferraiolo
    "This short book is packed full of useful reminders, reflections, and exhortations, drawing upon and digesting resources stemming from classic Stoic philosophy and other sources of wisdom. The real test of Stoicism lies in its application to specific problems, situations, and challenges faced by particular people. That is precisely what Ferraiolo offers to the reader, a wealth of advice separated out into paragraphs, each of which focuses on one timely topic." - Gregory Sadler, Ph.D., editor of Stoicism Today and author of Reason Fulfilled By Revelation ~ Gregory Sadler, LinkedIn

  • Colour Psychology Today
    June McLeod
    A really good look into the way colours control our world - how baby's and infants see colour, how we see things all through colour. Refreshing. ~ Vanessa Brooks, NetGalley

  • Diving for Pearls
    Maggie Kay
    In a world of quick-fixes and shallow self-help books I was so encouraged to read Maggie Kay’s book. Thoughtful and multi-layered, it is the perfect book to work with. The meditations are excellent, everything clearly described and explained, and Maggie’s voice is gentle, wise and compassionate. ~ Wanda Whiteley, former Publishing Director, HarperCollins

  • Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing, The
    Jules Standish
    I really enjoyed this book. It was something completely different to what I would normally read. I've never thought about dressing mindfully but the chapters in the book really gave me something to think about. I feel a lot more in control of my wardrobe now! ~ Rachael Carney, No Space For Milk

  • Diving for Pearls
    Maggie Kay
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and read it in two days - I couldn't put it down! I didn't skip one page which I have done with so many other books. I loved the meditation exercises and I am so grateful to you for awakening this side to me that has been dormant for way too long. As I've focused on my career helping others, I have forgotten at times to help myself. So thank you for that. I appreciated confirmation that I listen to my gut correctly regards to any decisions I make in life. I loved your willingness to share about your life - the realness and authenticity that comes across from you. Love and Light to you, Maggie Kay, a very special lady. ~ Sharon Burton, Reader

  • Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing, The
    Jules Standish
    I don't know about you, but I always feel more confident when I wear clothes that perfectly fit me and suit my colouring. The only problem is finding those pieces. I always seem to stumble onto them by chance!

    That's where Jules Standish comes in. In her books, she teaches women how to figure out which colours best suit their complexion. The best part? You can wear ANY colour. It's just a matter of picking the right shade for you.

    Jules explains how each colour affects your moods, on which occasions you should wear it and with what other colours you should wear it with. And it's not only about clothes. She does the same with makeup, too. I found the book very useful and full of practical tips. ~ Giorgia Guazzarotti, Beautiful With Brains

  • Enso Morning: Daily Meditation Gifts
    Jacob Watson
    Start My Day With Enlightenment :
    This is a physically small, chunky little book that feels something like a "soulful-nest of insight"; comfortable and full. There are short affirmations, inspirational remarks and observations that illuminate the elements of conscious living with Enso wisdom. I have enjoyed opening it daily and somewhat randomly; reading thoughts for the start of each day. I am not kidding when I say that each time I feel a surge of energy with each passage. The author knows how to touch the heart & soul deeply, meaningfully and with great care. ~ Fran Bagdasarian, email

  • Morning Muse, The
    Octavia Williams
    4/5 Stars

    This book has useful ideas and practises that pretty much anyone can apply, regardless of your religious background. The author did a good job of being versatile in her messages and providing a book that is both inspirational and useful.

    I found that following this book as a daily guide helped me to feel more positive about things and reminded me that gentle guidance on our daily path is often all we need to begin digging ourselves out of a rut.

    The author does not tell you how to feel or exactly what you should do, but rather allows you to learn from her experiences and use her writing to feel closer to your own spiritual being. I thought this was a lovely book that would make a great gift for someone in your life or as an addition to your own spiritual library. ~ Ionia Froment, Goodreads/NetGalley

  • Enso Morning: Daily Meditation Gifts
    Jacob Watson
    This is a gem of spiritual wisdom. Here are a wealth of meditations, affirmations, blessings, and gifts, soulfully crafted and offered from the heart by a wise guide.Each one helps us find our center at the beginning of the day, as well as identify and flow with the 'seasons of the soul' throughout the year. Let your soul be your guide to find the right 'letter' for you on the right day; randomly or chronologically both work to select the 'gift' of the day meant just for you. This is a rich treasure trove of inner and outer, metaphorical and real, natural images and spiritual directives to awaken and inspire your entire day, and to create an ongoing practice that could even transform your life! ~ Robert Atkinson, email

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  • Nouk SanchezNouk SanchezAustralians, Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira are the authors of best-seller Take Me to Truth, Undoing ...
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  • Thomas NehrerThomas NehrerQuestioning cultural truths of small-town Middle-America, Tom jettisoned religion by age 10. In his...
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