The Importance Of Dance For Dementia And Alzheimers Aug 28 2015

Researcher and neurologist Joe Verghese at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, conducted a study of eleven physical activities on people who were 75 years of age and found that dancing ...

Are you feeling anger or healthy personal power? by Barbara Berger Aug 28 2015

One of the things we often find hard to deal with in our relationships is anger – and especially when it’s anger coming from women. This is something I’ve learned from working with clients for m...

Insights into the Power of Mantra by Frans Stiene Aug 26 2015

"A person who experiences mental wandering while performing recitation will never achieve any result, even from reciting the mantra for an eon of time."
 Padmasambhava Since ancient time, man...

Cheeky Bibliomancy - What to say / not say to your friend with Cancer. Aug 24 2015

Welcome to our beautiful, thought provoking or perhaps thought challenging random wisdom. The wisdom will be taken from one of our many Soul Rocks titles, and will be as random as the publisher picki...

Who Knows What Is Good or Bad in Sex? by A. Aimee Aug 17 2015

Who Knows What Is Good or Bad in Sex? Do you know the story of the Chinese farmer whose horse runs away? It goes like this: When the farmer’s neighbour came to console him the farmer said, ‘Who...

You Are Beautiful Mirror Meditation by Dielle Ciesco Aug 15 2015

You Are Beautiful Mirror Meditation  Do you feel beautiful? Do you know how beautiful you are? This mirror meditation is about recognizing and appreciating your true beauty.


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