Angela Locke
Angela Locke

Angela Locke MA
Angela Locke's books have been translated across the world, four poetry collections and the film script 'In the Mind of Man' for String Theory Productions. Her new novel 'Dreams of the Blue Poppy', which is set in Cumbria and the Himalayas was published by Robert Hale in 2007.
Angela has worked widely in radio and television. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Northumbria, is a columnist for Cumbria Life magazine, and teaches Creative Writing to groups of adults and children. She also leads International Creative Writing Retreats across the UK.
Angela was one of six finalists, including four Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph journalists, who were nominated for The Queen’s English Award in December 2007 for her article on Foot and Mouth in the national magazine Resurgence.BOOKS PUBLISHED: PROSE

MR MULLET OWNS A CLOUD: Chatto & Windus 1982.
Then Cumbria Life Books Paperback 2006
A Cumbrian story (mainly for children, but allegorical) of a fell farmer faced with modern changes to his traditional way of life. Nominated in Top Ten Best Christmas Books by The Sunday Times and widely reviewed as one of the first books of its kind to use dialect.

SEARCH DOG: Souvenir Press 1987, Sphere 1989, Talking Books, Large Print, 11 Foreign Language editions, Reader’s Digest Condensed Book 1992, 12 overseas condensed book editions including Australia, Germany and France. (Photographs by author).
A true story of one of the Lake District top Search Dogs following training and stories of Cumbrian rescues. 4 years research involving “bodying” for 8 hours a day in winter on Cumbrian fells and working with teams on exercises.

SAM & CO: Souvenir Press 1989
Sequel to Search Dog showing through real-life accounts how all rescue services interlock during a rescue, and widening subject to include more Lake District and Northern dogs.
Worked from 1987-1989 with SARDA teams in Lakes and Yorkshire and flew with RAF Sea King from Boulmer. RAF gave me six flying hours in Lakes and we set up an exercise with Penrith team in Haweswater which included another flight for me and a winching up.
Many foreign translations, Readers Digest editions, Talking Books etc.

HEARING DOG: (commission with Jenny Harmer)
Souvenir Press October 1997. Paperback 1999
The true story of a profoundly deaf woman.

Novel partly set in Cumbria and partly in Nepal, about early plant hunters. Robert Hale 2007


SACRED EARTH – POETRY COLLECTION : Pleiades Press – Published January 2001.
Poetry and photographs by author – Lake District and Borders.

INTO THE LOTUS: Poems of the Himalaya: joint publication Pleiades Press and Nepal. January 1997

WALLS AT THE WORLD’S END: Senhouse Roman Army Museum: based on commissioned work for the Writer’s Residency on Hadrian’s Wall. March 2005

WRITING ON THE WALL: Arts UK October 2006

Books by Angela Locke
On Juniper Mountain by

On Juniper Mountain

May 2010

Leaving her isolated Lake District valley, writer Angela Locke finds herself on a life-changing journey in the Himalayas....


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