Nikki Mackay
Nikki Mackay

Nikki Mackay is a family constellator and an experienced historical medium.

As a medical physicist she has researched the effects of energy healing on the nervous system and published her findings within the scientific and new age community. An experienced intuitive and teacher she established a Holistic retreat centre in Scotland and developed the centre for 3 years. She is now the editor of The WHG Magazine, a guide to all things alternative in Scotland. She also teaches seminars and works with individuals exploring family and ancestral patterns.

Her aim is to bridge the gap between Science and the new age and she keeps that in mind in everything she does.

She currently lives in Glasgow with her partner and their son.

Books by Nikki Mackay
Tarot for Understanding Love and Relationship Patterns MADE EASY by

Tarot for Understanding Love and Relationship Patterns MADE EASY

May 2012

Unlocking the key to your love life. Understand the thoughts and feelings of past, present and future relationships.

Dead Men Talking by

Dead Men Talking

Nov 2012

The tales of dead men are the truest kind. A restless murdered soul tells tales of love, betrayal, death and prostitution.

Between the Lines by

Between the Lines

Feb 2012

Come and take intuitive walk through your family tree and be guided through the influence of your family and ancestors.

Science of Family, The by

Science of Family, The

Jun 2009

The Science of Family by Nikki Mackay explores ancestral patterns, which manifest themselves down the generations, using energy healing, tarot archetypes and family constellations.


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